Founders House is dedicated to providing the best space for talented die-hard tech entrepreneurs

Since opening as the first tech space in Copenhagen in 2011 a lot has happened...  We've housed 100+ ambitious startups that have grown to become successful or acquired by larger companies, hosted countless events featuring international founders and investors, thrown a considerable number of legendary parties, and been highlighted as a exemplary innovation hub by the international press. 

Founders House is famous for its cool vibe and homey coworking environment, where founders are enabled to grow their companies faster by engaging and learning from each other. 

 This knowledge sharing contributes to a nurturing environment, which facilitates growth and connects founders with investors, resources and experience. It helps their employees by connecting them to other talented tech indviduals with different skill sets who are working to solve similar challenges by using similar technologies. The result is an environment where you can achieve success faster.  

Our grassroots origins guarantee that we keep our finger on the pulse, echoing the local scene, its needs and preferences. Despite our continuous growth, we’ve managed to maintain that raw, creative and dynamic quality, that resonates so well with entrepreneurs.

In 2014, in conjunction with our move to Islands Brygge, we cofounded the largest startup hub in the Nordics, Startup Village, a physical neighbourhood for tech companies from 1-100 people. 

In 2016 we merged with Mesh in Oslo to create the premier company for building entrepreneurship and innovation hubs in the Nordics, with a goal of assisting even more entrepreneurs and connecting the Nordics.  

We're on a mission to create the best workspace possible for ambitious and scalable tech companies.




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