Founders House is Going Nordic

We have some big news to share with you, we're going Nordic!

We are merging with Mesh, the premier space for creators and builders in Norway, and that’s only the beginning.

Ever since its humble beginnings in a small flat in Kongens Nytorv, Founders House has always sought to preserve the tightly knit community where investors, entrepreneurs, talent and creators enable each other to grow faster. That is not going to change. 

What is going to change, is that we’ve now got more financial muscle to do this, including 15 mio DKK raised from external investors by Mesh earlier this year. Together we plan to continue to disrupt the commercial property market and enable scalable companies work in the most flexible, fun and productive manner. All over the Nordics. 

Tine Thygesen joins forces with Kasper Kim Smidt and Zenia Francker, and becomes CEO

The merge means expanding our organization, so we’re pleased to reveal that cofounder and board member Tine Thygesen will step in as overall CEO, while Kasper Kim Smidt continues as Managing Director of Founders House and Startup Village Copenhagen. Zenia Francker moves into a Chief Community Officer role and Anders Mjåset, cofounder and CEO of Mesh, becomes Chief Product Officer, and Karl Kristian Wickstrom becomes COO. 

Modern companies want innovation, community and flexibility

The world of business is changing rapidly, and its powered by technology and startups. That’s why our mission continues to be enabling these ambitious companies, regardless of whether they consist of 2 people or 200.

The merger means we can now offer a combined office space of 6700 sqm, plus an additional 6000 sqm already in construction. We can offer more closed offices, and more infrastructure service.

It is our common focus on community and technology, however, that has laid the foundation for this merger. We share the same values when it comes to supporting growth businesses, networking and flexible services.

Our goal is to expand by 5 locations more over the next three years, and connect the Nordic markets. Companies renting office space in one location will have the flexibility of traveling between the different locations, utilizing the office space and services, and tapping into the local community and network, to help establish themselves in other markets.