Build your company at Founders House or Startup Village, alongside great entrepreneurs, innovators, and technologists

Founders House and Startup Village are the place where dreamers, creators, designers, and developers build new
companies and products that change industries. This is a shared workspace for people who think big, believe technology is the future, and want to contribute to a community that enables everyone to achieve more.

With more than 500 people, 50 companies, weekly events, a cozy wine bar and cafe, a chilled restaurant, two yoga studios, a tango school and 200 meters to Copenhagen's best swimming area,  you'll never want to leave!

You can join the premier high-growth community in four ways:


Established Companies

Fast growing large startups, typically 25 to 100 people, have their own offices in Startup Village.

From exposed brick, loft-style warehouse offices, companies like Vivino, Planday and Churchdesk are part of the community, helping both their founders and employees to learn and grow.  

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Early Growth Companies  

Founders with a team of 2-15 people are fully-serviced at Founders House, which offers both private offices and tables in open and semi-open coworking. We focus on technical, high potential, scalable startups.

The tight community is not just fun, it's here to help you hone your entrepreneurial skills. 

Contact Frederik, our Membership Manager, at


Flex Memberships

For the first time ever, Startup Village is now open for independent entrepreneurs, creators, developers, designers, and others who fit into the community but prefer the flexibility and reduced overhead of a flex membership.  

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InvestorS and
Corporate InnovatORS

All the leading venture capital firms in the Nordics are members of Startup Village, and use the hub as a location to meet the best entrepreneurs. Ambitious corporate innovation departments who want to keep their finger on the pulse are corporate members, or host events here. 

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Join us

For more information, or to join us, reach out to Frederik our Membership Manager, at