MESH turns five!

Today is a big day for us. 

Five years ago Mesh, Norway’s first coworking space, opened in Tordenskioldgate in Oslo. Back then the square metres were few and the facilities limited, a suitable match for a young and feeble startup and innovation scene in Norway back then. Today, every self respecting organisation has both a digital and an innovation strategy and the Norwegian startup scene is booming, so Mesh is buzzing with energy.

Having grown to 10,000m2 of flexible office community space,  an open cafe and 50,000 people visiting more than 600 events every year, Mesh has turned into Oslo’s biggest hub for people working with digital concepts and future business models. 

In November the Mesh announced a merger with Founders House and Startup Village in Copenhagen and is now run as one company by myself and almost 60 amazing colleagues. 

Today, Mesh turns five and celebrates in typical open source with a huge open party with more than 1000 signups so we wanted to share some pictures with you. 

Work can be fun, if you’re working with the right things and the right people!