Fully flexible p/t role for experienced
numbers person that wants more out of life

 If you also believe that work doesn't have to be boring, come work with us. 

If you also believe that work doesn't have to be boring, come work with us. 


Open position in Governance/ Legal/ Accounting (You don't have to wear a suit)

You've been working really really hard as a lawyer, an accountant, controller or similar, but now you need some flexibility in your life. Perhaps you’ve had a child, and the long hours and lack of control of your day has made it impossible to continue in your existing career. Maybe you’ve actually had to resign, or you're miserable, struggling to make ends meet. That makes you feel like you do a poor job both at home and at work. You thought there was no alternative, because all the interesting, career progressing jobs in your field require 60+ hour work weeks. 

If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place!

We looking for a smart, experienced professional with solid experience in a field such as accountancy, tax, management consulting or law to work in our governance team. You work 18-25 hours a week with all the flexibility in the world. Despite being part time, you get full responsibility for a range of complex and interesting challenges and get to work directly with our CEO and COO on executing governance-related tasks and projects. You’ll also work closely with our external accountants and lawyers and internal site and finance managers - all great, positive people we’ve selected carefully.  

Because you’re experienced, structured and detail-oriented you're motivated by complex projects, such as legal negotiations, or international tax planning. Even in areas outside of your educational field, you’re able to take charge and find a solution through your systematic work method and determination. You wouldn’t even consider missing a deadline, that's simply not your style.  

We move fast, so you’ll work with a wide array of areas, primarily in Danish and Norwegian jurisdiction. We don't expect you to be trained in all of them, but you need to have solid experience in at least one.  
    •    Accounting
    •    Corporate law
    •    Tax
    •    HR legal
    •    Systems and processes
    •    Financial controlling
    •    Real estate / construction
    •    Supplier contracts
    •    Reporting

We’re on a steep growth curve so we need a personality that thrives in creating order in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. As a person, you are a
    •    Self starter that can work independently
    •    Structured, organised, timely, detail oriented
    •    Entrepreneurial mindset looking for new solutions to old problems
    •    Minimum 3 years experience in “structure and detail” profession, such as law or finance, in DK or Norway. 
    •    Able to understand Danish, Norwegian and English and write professionally in two of these. 

We’re offering a position with full flexibility to plan your 18 - 25-hour work week completely to suit you. As long as you meet our agreed deadlines (you do - you’re that kind of person) we don't mind if you're both dropping off and collecting in kindergarten every single day, or need fixed days off for personal projects. We’re not trying to match the pay you got in your previous job, but instead we offer an ok salary and a balanced life with time for more than work. You’ll be working from our Copenhagen office, with some travel to other Nordic countries.  

You’ll be working directly with top minds, and you'll make a difference and have profound impact on our business, currently growing 60% per annum.

You join a team of 50 unbelievable motivated, entrepreneurial individuals in a casual, fast-paced work place where we like to challenge the status quo and do the right thing. We’re building work places for creators, thinkers and entrepreneurs that challenge the status quo. With us, you don’t have to wear a suit. but we would like you to want to change the world. 

Whether you’ve become a parent, are training for an iron man or just decided that you want a challenging and exciting career without extreme personal costs, then this could be you. We interview and hire as we do everything else - fast and on-the-go, so don't  delay if this is you. 

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