Founders House venues

Looking for a venue for your event? Founders House offers venues that are perfect for meetups, talks, meetings and workshops. Find out more

Our event spaces

Venue hire

We have meeting rooms for up to 8 and 14 people respectively. Our canteen can accommodate up to 100 people and is available after 2pm on weekdays.

Cosy and rustic interiors

Perfect for meetups, meetings, talks and workshops.

Since we are a coworking space, some of our venues are not available all day. Come and tour the space and we will help you find the venue you need.

Perfectly located in Islands Brygge

Easily accessible

Founders House is located in a rustic disused warehouse by the canals in Islands Brygge. The Islands Brygge metro station is a ten-minute walk away.

Being a part of an innovative environment

Entrepreneurial flair

Tap into the unique Founders House vibe. We host many meetups and talks for the startup community.

Planning an event?

A reception, workshop, a big launch or something else? Get in touch and let us help you.